Sarawak Forestry Corporation continues hunt for killer croc

BINTULU, Feb 26 — Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) is continuing its intensive operation for the crocodile that killed a 14-year-old boy at Kampung Hilir, Kuala Tatau last month.

In a written reply to Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Integrity and Ombudsman) Datuk Talib Zulpilip, SFC controller of wild life Zolkipli Mohamad Aton said the operation involving eight SFC personnel started on Jan 20 with seven baited hooks and one cage.

Talib, who is Jepak assemblyman, had written letters dated Jan 27 and Feb 8 to SFC regarding the risk of crocodile attacks on Bintulu folk.

A female crocodile measuring 2.261 metres took the bait on Jan 28, but was not the wanted killer crocodile based on its small size.

It was later released at Sungai Likau, Similajau National Park.

Another operation to catch crocodiles in Kampung Sebuan Besar, Jepak was activated last October following the first complaint received from villagers who spotted a crocodile lurking in the river.

Zolkipli said two baited hooks were set up at one time and moved to several places.

Recently, a photo of a crocodile caught by the SFC team in a river at Kampung Sebuan Besar was shared on social media by Awang Mohammad Putra Awang Sopeian — Talib’s special officer.

The crocodile is likely the same reptile sighted by villagers on a jetty on Feb 6.

An SFC spokesperson said the 257cm male Crocodylus porosus weighing 140kg was released at Similajau National Park.

“Installation of hooks and baits commenced on Feb 24 at 10.20am, and successfully retrieved and removed at 1.10pm,” said the spokesperson. — Borneo Post